2021 Seed & Dahlia Update

Thank you so much for your continued support of our small family farm, and a warm welcome to all those who are discovering Stems Flower Farm for the first time. 

With so many questions coming up about how we are rolling out stock into the shop, we thought it’s a good time to explain how things are working.

Orders are shipping now from the first week of go live.  The abundance of first day orders took a great deal more than usual turnaround, if our order was placed before January 10th, it will ship the week of January 18 to 22nd.

In order to get all the products you want, we have developed a work around that allows you to place add-on orders virtually anytime after you have placed an initial order. We have adapted our shipping policies to suit you better.  And, we don’t think multiple charges for shipping makes sense.

In order to simplify things, inventory will be updated Monday at 6PM Eastern for the next several weeks. 

Wishlist This feature enables you to plan your garden by placing items in your Wishlist. Be sure to log in or create an account to keep and edit your choices. When you have the perfect garden, simply hit the “Add to Cart” button and one packet of each of your amazing choice blooms will move to the cart.  

Out of Stock Notification If you find something you want is temporarily out of stock, consider signing up for an email notification right from that product’s page.  (please note that this is a new system and all entries before Dec 29th have been removed).  This way you will be notified via email when stock becomes available. 

We have an “ADD TO MY ORDER” solution. 

If you placed an order that has not shipped, and wish to add to it.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your add items as a regular order, but in the note section of this order (click Add Order Notes under the subtotal) please write, “ship this order with XXXX”, where the XXXX is the last four digits of your unshipped order.
  2. Send us an email at Support@stemsflowerfarm.ca with “request for shipping refund” as the subject line, with both order numbers in the body of the email.
  3. We will combine the orders in our system and issue a refund for subsequent shipping charges.
  4. This option will only be available for the month of January 2021.  

A reminder that the “Coming in January” sticker means that we will have ready to ship items a little later in the month.  I can’t give exact dates for each item but encourage you to use the “out of stock” email notification to know when your item gets loaded.

Our Dahlia Tuber Sale date in March of 2021 will be updated at the end of January. 

Late breaking news on January 7th has our Ontario school system, which was to return to in-class learning next week, being placed into longer term distance learning.  This change does have a short term effect for us here at the farm, where the majority of our team have kids in school, and will now need to be home during the day.  This will slow things down for us short term until we can bring in a few people that can help us out with packing and shipping.  We did anticipate something like this coming, and will have additional help soon, but your patience over the next week or so is greatly appreciated.  

We can’t thank you enough for your excitement, words of encouragement and support. It truly means the world to us.  It is inspiring that so many of you are dreaming about flowers and vegetables for 2021.  


Heidi, Kevin and the kids.