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To round out our offering of seeds we constantly search for improved varieties to plant in our trial garden for next year’s growing season.  Knowing we have done the research to seek out the best breeders we can find, means you won’t have to second guess the quality of seeds we can supply at Stems.  We do, sometimes unexpectedly, find out that our breeding partners have more in the their beds than the staples we’ve come to expect.  Alongside the trusted flowers we often find them growing “the next big thing”, or a personal favorite even if it’s not as popular as their bread and butter flowers. And every once in awhile we are invited to sample or trial some of these small batch wonders to reach our own conclusion about augmenting our “catalogue” for next year.  And great news for 2019, a few of these finds we are making available for purchase right away.

The specialty breeders we deal with are noted for their long standing in the flower community and their consistent production of top quality flower seeds for the cut flower grower market.  So sometimes these seeds are rare, sometimes they are brand new, sometimes they are a resurrection of beauty gone by, but all of them are ones to watch if you want to include something in your garden that no one else has.  You won’t find these in any big box store seed display.  Imagine having something that your neighbours won’t have!! 

As they are not run of the mill, they are in limited supply and only available until our stock runs out.  Who knows, they may be next years big thing and people will be scouring websites looking for them, but you had the inside scoop!

Our Secret Garden will be the special place where you can find these small batch, curated specialties, it’s new, and always changing…

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