Dahlia Tubers


SPRING 2020 Dahlia Tubers

The cold weather in Ontario this spring has certainly left us thinking this season might be a short one.  We have completed the shipping of all tubers for our Fall Sale, and have plans to begin planting our own stock in the coming weeks.

As promised in the Fall, we are offering a limited number of tubers for the next 48 hours only, from May 25th to the end of business on May 27th.  These tubers have already been checked for viability and are set for immediate shipment.  All orders placed before the close of business on Wednesday the 27th of May will ship Thursday, May 28th. 

We love dahlias, What’s not to love...these showstoppers can make any photographer look like a pro. Their exotic blooms come in a spectrum of texture, shapes and colours so exotic they will put an accomplished artist’s palette to the test.

If you are the type that craves at least one of each kind, you should be prepared, as there are over 270,000 cultivars available in the world today.  A true testament to how treasured they are worldwide.

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